Capture the spirit of the Massai warriors!

 Maasai Shield - Large
Maasai Shield - Large
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 Maasai Shield - Large
The Massai warriors are renowned for their bravery, ferocity and hunting skills. Made with Goat skin sewn onto a wood frame. Now, you can bring the spirit of the Massai into your home with these hand-crafted shields are approximately 24"-28" long and 14-18" wide. Made in Kenya, each shield is hand crafted and unique. This item will incur over sized shipping


Maasai Spear: Large Size
Own a symbol of courage and artistry with this unbelievable hand-made spear. The handle of the spear has a wood-burned design that intensifies its uniqueness. Similar to the ones used by Maasai warriors throughout Africa. Own this tantalizing work of art today!

Please keep out of reach of children.

Price shown is for single spear. Photo shown may be of two spears. Priced for one spear.

42" long with animal skin sheaths. Not all spears come with sheaths. Made in Kenya
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Maasai Spear: Large Size W-S064