Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils
Fragrance oils to create moods, atmospheres, and well being.

Oils are quickly becoming one of the best-selling items around the globe. The question that might be on your mind is ‘What makes oil different from colognes or perfumes?’ the answer is simple. Perfumes are composed of about 90% alcohol and 10% oil. Oil is the fragrance, and alcohol is what is used to cut it down.

The reason that perfumes and colognes are cut so much with alcohol is that it makes the wearing time shorter; hence you will run out of perfume faster and need to buy more. If you decide to buy a perfume the normal wearing time will last a few hours; however if you put on an oil you will still be able to smell the aroma 24 hours later. The fragrance is stronger which means you only have to wear a few drops for it to be effective.

Oils are not only used for wearing, but also for burning. You can burn oils anywhere to create a new and different atmosphere and effect. Below is a list of things you can do with oils:

Wear oils

- Burn oils

- Make incense with oils

- Make soap with oils

- Use oils for aromatherapy and healing

- Mix oils in with your bath water for a scented bath.

- Mix oils with body lotions for added fragrance.
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