1/3 OZ. bottles include roll on tops

1/3 oz. Roll-On Bottles
1/3 oz. Roll-On Bottles
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Product Description

ISSEY MIYAKE TYPE - This strong, masculine scent will make you the center of attention wherever you go. Made with a ravishing blend of lily of the valley, bergamot (calming), cedar (relieves anxiety), tuberose (strengthening), and amber (symbolic of good luck).

BARACK OBAMA TYPE - Celebrate with a Clean, Refreshing Scent Be inspired by the zest and crispness of Barack Obama type for men. Made with rejuvenating notes of citrus, green leaves and marine notes.

MICHELLE OBAMA TYPE - Exude the grace and style of Michelle Obama when myou wear her signature fragrance. Made with an intoxicating blend of orange zest, Egyptian iris, Italian wite jasimine, French riviera daffadils, Vanila, and Sandalwood.

BUTT NAKED - Sexy - No holds barred! Experience the blatantly passionate fragrance of 'Butt Naked' for women. This fruity fragrance will keep everyone looking and wanting more.

HALLE BERRY - Celebrate your exuberant spirit with this feminine, refresing fragrance. This is a woody, oriental scent with top ontes of Sicilian bergamot, fig leaves, and pear blossom layerd over hear notes of frfeesia petasl, hibiscus flower, and ultra mimosa

JAY Z 9 IX - Step out in a fresh scent with modern sensuality. Jay Z type for men combines the cool scents of Asian coriander, mandarin zest, cantaloupe and a spike of fresh lavender. The aroma ends with a breath of golden amber, musk and rugged timber wood. A scent that exudes confidence and inner allure.

SEAN JEAN UNFORGIVABLE (M) Type - The perfect blend of chemistry and emotion Unforgivable stimulates the senses in ways never imagined. This sleek, smooth blend reinvents masculinity with classic luxury. The fragrance fuses cashmere, with amber and rum, achieving an aroma that is both seductive and sexy. This blend says "sexy, passionate", with a slightly dangerous and explosive edge